The topic that you are going to write about is one of the most crucial aspects of money-making blogs. It is also one of the most nerve-wracking because finding your blog niche is the first major decision you must as a blogger.

Before we dive deeper into what your blog niche should be, you need to know why a blog niche is necessary.

Then, we will brainstorm ideas for your niche.

Finally, we will talk about monetizing your blog once you pick your niche.

But first…

Specific being the keyword there.

What is a Blog Niche?

A niche is a specific topic that you write about with your blog.

If you are looking to make money from your blog, having a clear niche that is obvious to your audience will help you connect with them and solve their problems.

The common mistake beginning bloggers make is writing about anything and everything (calling it “lifestyle”). The thought process is that person A might like one thing, person B something different, and person C likes neither of those.

Your job as a blogger is to find out what ONE of those people want to read about (and will spend money on) and focus on that. It is NOT to connect with persons A, B, and C. Trying that will make it so you never connect with any of them. Leaving you with a lot of wasted time.

As an example, let’s look at food blogs.

The most successful food blogs only make one kind of food or have another distinguishing quality like the price of ingredients.

Keto, vegan, budget-friendly, etc. is the niche because it can establish authority for those consumers. Cooking/food is the umbrella that groups these all together as a category.

There is a difference in casting a wide net and being unrealistic. Wide nets are great, but they can never cover the entire ocean.

It is time to find you your wide net.

Brainstorming to Find Your Blog Niche

Finding your blog topic can be put into three steps.

Step 1: What do you know?

Below are some questions to ask yourself that might spark inspiration for your blog niche. Write down some ideas that come to mind as you read these. In the next steps, we will narrow down the list to find your best blog niche.

What were you good at as a kid? Are you still good at it now?

Maybe you were really interested in dance or dirt bikes. Have you been singing since before you could walk?

What do you do in your free time?

Are you first in line at a movie premiere and always up to date with the latest releases on Netflix or Hulu?

What classes or training have you taken?

All those years your mom forced you to stay in piano class can now pay you in dividends! What you learned when you were five may be something a person in their 40s will pay to learn. Remember to use your skills and break them down to the simplest level to teach it.

What comes naturally to you?

Can you step into a kitchen and whip up a healthy meal in 15 minutes? Do you watch cooking shows and then run to the market to recreate the meals? A food blog is probably for you!

Who is your hero?

It’s your mom, isn’t it? Well… I am sure she is incredible… but other than her, who do you look up to? Who inspires you? What makes them unique?

What is different about you?

Is there something about your life that strays from the norm? This is a huge opportunity for a blog niche. Maybe you have a unique lifestyle, like living in a tiny house. This is a popular trend right now and anyone interested would be searching the internet for some first-hand accounts of the experience.

What is your dream job?

Not only could this lead to that job, but documenting what you are learning about your dream job could help someone else realize what they want to do in life.

What do people ask you to help them with?

A blog could be a stepping stone to become a coach or consultant in that field. The profitability of teaching something online is growing at such a fast rate.

What are some personal processes you have made to make your life easier or better?

As a bullet journaler, I practiced and learn how to organize pages in fun layouts. Creating printables that help bloggers grow their traffic was a natural step for me.

Answering these questions and looking to see if you noticed any trends can be a very enlightening step in finding your blog niche.

Step 2: Blog Niche Research

This step is easy, yet completely necessary.

Browsing the internet for blogs like your idea will show you if there is a demand for the subject. It will also give you a good list of bloggers you can potentially collaborate with in the future.

It is important to say this here: Looking at blogs with a similar niche as yours is not an invitation to copy what they are doing. This is an easy way to start a confrontation that could, if serious enough, could even get you in legal trouble.

Allow me to introduce you to Google Trends.

Type in your possible niche to see if it is something that is being searched for online. If you aren’t pleased with the results, think of a related, broader topic and evaluate those results. There should be some related topics on that page that could give you ideas.

Finding your blog niche that will make money can be done with this free tool from Google
In this example from Google Trends, the blue trend is too low to promise blog success. The yellow is better but the red trend is where you should focus on with your blog.

Step 3: Validating Your Niche

The final step in choosing your niche is making sure you are going to be able to stick to it.

This exercise can either be really fun for you or it will throw up a giant red flag.

Open up a Google or Word doc, start a numbered list, and type out as many potential post topics as you can. Don’t worry about spelling or making it sound just right.

If you can think of at least 50, you successfully have a niche! If not, do some quick research (10 minutes max) and try to get your list built out. Was this a struggle? I would recommend broadening your topic to allow for more content.

You should now have a better idea of what you were meant to blog about. Time to make it make you money.

Monetizing Your Blog with Your Niche


To get this out of the way, I am not a believer in setting up Google Adsense when you are first starting a blog. It is important to focus on the quality and quantity of your blog posts when you are starting off instead of logging in to Adsense every day to maybe make $.01 a week.

I am not completely against ads, I just think they do more harm than good for a beginner blogger. When you start a blog, focusing on your content, not your ads, is the only way to build a sustainable side hustle.

Brandon Gaille, who has set up numerous profitable blogs, conducted a study about how full-time bloggers make their money. If you want to make serious money from your blog (like over $10,000 a month serious) advertisements consistently accounted for the smallest percentage of income, if they had ads on their blogs at all.

I don’t know about you, but if I am reading a blog and it is littered with ads, I hit the back button and never return. It is telling me that their wallet is blatantly more important than helping me with the problem I was there to solve. That’s not the kind of person or business I have an interest in supporting.

Note: If you are going into a food or nutrition niche, Mediavine is an ad program that offers high commission rates for these products specifically. That means more money for you! They only accept blogs with a certain threshold of readers, so set your sights on 25k sessions a month!

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketing is when you suggest a product or service to your readers and receiving a commission if they purchase it through your link.

This is a fantastic way to build trust with your audience by recommending products that are going to make their lives easier.

Many companies have affiliate programs. To find them, simply Google a product you would stand behind and add “affiliate program.”

Personally, I found a planner that I loved and bought one for everyone in my office as a gift. I found out the company has an affiliate program so now if anyone wants to purchase one, I send them my affiliate link. I make it a point to tell them to use that link instead of a general google search because I will receive a commission at no additional cost to them. It truly is a win-win.

You can also sign up for an affiliate marketing platform like Share A Sale or Google Affiliates. On these, you can search for high-quality products and easily add them to your blog posts.

Creating Your Own Product

Finding your blog niche can lead you to making more than just blog posts. Can you create an e-book with your favorite recipes in it? What about an online course that teaches your audience a new skill?

Creating your own product to sell from your blog takes some time to set up in the beginning, but is where the true passive income is made.

Think about ways you could add value to your audience and monetize your work. If you deliver on your promise, the word of mouth alone could make you enough money to quit your day job.

Types of Products Could Include:

Online Courses
Membership to Private Site
Digital Subscription
Services (like graphic design, coaching, etc.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to be super-passionate and an expert in your niche?

While your knowledge in the subject will be heightened if this is your passion, you can definitely make money writing a blog about any topic, even if you are just learning about it.

Do you need to pick a topic that no one else is writing about?

Absolutely not! If there a million blog posts about a particular subject, then that means there is a demand and more than a million readers! When that’s the case, your SEO will need to be spot on, but nothing is impossible with some strong keyphrase research. If you are the only person writing about a topic, you have the opposite problem. You may easily rank on the first page of a Google search, but how often someone is even searching for it, is questionable.

Can I switch to a new niche after a while?

If you can honestly say that you did as much as you could and still not getting the traffic you should or if you run out of ideas to write about, you can switch niches. However, you should consider starting a brand new blog and stepping away from this one for a little bit. You may find that you needed a break.

What are the most profitable blog niches?

You can make money with ANY blog. However, some niches are trending right now and have serious profit potential. I am sure you can guess most of them:
Personal Finance/Money Management
Home Decor
Beauty and Fashion

Thank you for checking out my tips for finding a blog niche and making it profitable. If you want access to my Free Resources Library that is constantly growing with helpful printables for bloggers, head over to