When it comes to online marketing of any kind, a huge focus is placed on the traffic you get to your website. Pinterest is a popular and valuable platform for just about any small business, though marketers are often struggling with Pinterest due to the fact that it’s so different from the more conventional platforms.

Quick Facts:

  • Pinterest users are more ready to buy than users from any other social media platform. Pinterest can be a marketing powerhouse for online stores. Users buy products they stumble across on Pinterest organically at a much higher rate compared to other social media platforms. Pinterest users are proactively searching for things rather than just scrolling through a feed. The average order value of sales coming from Pinterest is around $50 – this is higher than any other major social platform.
  • 250 million monthly users. That number (from September 2018) includes 77.4 million people in America. Which is over 5 million more than the year before.

Here’s 4 effective ways to promote your online shop with Pinterest:

#1: Set your Pinterest profile up for success

Start by converting to a Pinterest business account. This will give you access to Pinterest analytics and other advertising tools that aren’t available if you’re on a personal account. You can convert to a business profile here.

Next, I recommend claiming your website. You can find information on how to do so here. This will let Pinterest know that you are the owner of your website/online shop, and therefore when you pin something from your domain, the pin is more likely to perform better than if a random account had pinned it.

Enabling rich pins. Find out how to do so here. Product Pins include real-time pricing, where to buy, availability, etc. This increases the chance of your pins being found by other Pinners.

Adding Basic Profile Details. Make sure your profile includes important details such as your business name, a bio, profile picture, etc. It’s also important to keep your branding consistent with your site and other social media profiles.

#2: Creating visually appealing pins

Pinterest is all about the visuals and uploading eye-catching pins are essential to capture the attention of your target audience on Pinterest.

It’s best to use bright, warm tones in order to stand out. Warm-toned images of red, orange, and brown got twice the number of re-pins, compared to cool blues. Also, Images that have medium lightness are repinned 20 times more than dark/dramatic pins.

Taller/vertical images on Pinterest are more appealing and get noticed more in the Pinterest feed. Pinterest recommends an aspect ratio of 2:3 for your images. They should be at least 600 pixels wide by 900 pixels tall.

You can use stock image sites to find high quality images. A few free websites that I recommend checking out are:

  1. Pexels
  2. Unsplash
  3. Pixabay

I recommend using Canva to add text to your images. It’s very important to keep your fonts clean, large, and readable. Don’t overdo it with the amount of details you add to the pin. Only add the important info that viewers will need, in order to understand what your pin is about. This would include a title + short description (if necessary), and your brand name, or website URL (place this at the bottom of the pin).

#3 Pinterest group boards

A group board is just like a regular board, except that the owner can invite collaborators to pin on their board.

A group board, because it has multiple contributors, gains followers much faster than a regular board. You can find group boards that are similar to your niche and request to join them by asking for an invite from the owner.

By sharing to group boards, you’ll have a higher chance of your pin reaching more Pinners, therefore increasing your chances of being seen by potential customers.

#4 Add share Pins to your product pages

One of the many ways customers learn more about your products is by spending time on your website. As customers browse through your products, use this opportunity to invite them to follow you on Pinterest so they can share your products with their network.

Adding Pin buttons to all of your products will allow viewers to share that product directly from your site. This increases your exposure to a larger audience that might not have found you otherwise.

Feel free to comment any additional tips that you’d like to share!

Thanks for reading!